Clear Theme Thematic Child for WordPress

Clear Theme for WordPress. Clear theme is a Free child theme for Thematic Framework. This is my first theme so there might be some bugs. To report Bugs or make suggestions contact me:

This theme is Two Column Fix Width and Right Side Bar theme.

Clear Theme Screenshot

Clear Theme contains all the main features of Thematic Theme Framework and some extra functions.

Google Analytics Code:

You can Add Google Analytics code into functions.php easily. Google analytics function starts at line 197 in functions.php file.

FeedBurner Feeds:

There are functions added in functions.php to replace your original feeds with your Feedburner feeds if you like. Both content and Comment feeds can be redirected to Feedburner by editing functions.php. Function to redirect main feeds starts at line 167 and to redirect comments feed starts at line 182 in functions.php File.

Background Image:

You can replace the background with solid colour by editing the stylesheet.css file. To add an image to your background just replace the bg.png image from the clear-theme/img/ folder with your own. Background can be changed on line 41 in style.css file.

Replace Background with Solid Color

Replace Logo:

Logo image can be easily replaced with your own by just replacing logo.png file in clear-theme/img/ folder. I have also included a Photoshop PSD file which is sized. You can replace the text and style with your own, then save the file as logo.png and replace it with the one in the theme.

Show Excerpts:

I have added a function in functions.php which you can use to show excerpts instead of full articles in places you want like Homepage, Category Pages and Tag Pages etc. Excerpts Function start on Line 141 in functions.php file. Just Replace the “full” with “excerpt” to show excerpts.

Show Excerpts Instead of Full Article

Read More Links:

The current default text […] which appears automatically after excerpts is replace by “Read More” link with the posts link and title. This option can also be edited or deleted easily by editing the functions.php file. Read More links function starts on line 132 in functions.php file.

Edit or Delete Read More Links In Excerpts


I have also added feature to display the Favicon, It works in all the browsers. Just replace the favicon.ico file in clear-theme/img with your own. All of these and many other features and tutorials will be explained in future articles.

Clear Theme is built with CSS 3 it might not be fully compatible with old browsers than Internet Explorer 9.

Clear Theme, like WordPress, is released under GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL). GPL-V2

Download: Clear Theme | Live Demo